Monday, June 27, 2011

Angelina's Got One

Good enough for Angelina Jolie?  Good enough for me!

This braided Valentino bag has been around for a while, and well to be for real it's just soooooo pretty!

Let's look at it again.....

Take a look at the side piece with the Valentino on it!
The leather is super soft, and the design is appeasing, the flap closures pop and actually cause me to stare and pay more attention to them.  My fave embellishment is the braided straps and accents on the purse.  Valentino and Gucci are both houses that use braiding in a way that catches my eye.  Most importantly the braiding doesn't make the bag look busy, since it's so simple it adds some flare to it.  Look at it up close.

It's a great sized purse and can hold plenty.  Take a look on the inside?

 I wish there were more inner pockets but it's not tiny in there!

This purse is classy and a great color for the summer and the spring.  Yum!


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