Friday, June 24, 2011

This is a Warning: I like to abbreviate....

So I like to use abbreviations or slang to express my feelings toward certain purses.....

To not confuse my readers I will clarify some of my abbrevs (yes, I just abbreviated the words abbreviations) and slang terms.

1.  Neg:  either a purse or a designer that makes me feel negative, as in I don't like what you're about or actually I think the purse is ugly.  The slang terms ick, ughs, uggo, and nast (as in NASTY) may also fall into this category.

2.  Loves:  obviously the opposite of neg.  So this is a house of purses that I adore, a style of purse that is a must have in any collection, a purse that is timeless, ie. a purse that is beauteous.  I have slang terms such as must, yummo, amaze, and hotski also apply to Loves. 

You may be wondering why I use slang or abbreviations, it's because when I get excited or depressed by a certain designer or purse, well these common terms just fly into my head.

Just in case I confuse someone in the future... I apologize in advance.



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