Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leather? Leopard? Uggo?

Today I was looking at the Jimmy Choo website site indulging in their upcoming fall 2011 line.  (I like shoes too okay!)  And had to click onto their new arrivals link for their bags.

I think a lot of people just think of shoes when you think Jimmy Choo, but their purses are usually pleasing to the eye.  But today I happened upon the 'Catherine' purse, the description of the purse on the website was "This luxurious soft box leather handbag is imbued with ladylike classicism." 

I just am going to show you what they describe as 'ladylike classicism'.  This is just the leopard print one.

Uhm?  Does this hurt anyone else's eyes?  I just don't get it, I'm sure it's made of the finest material, but it's still ugly.  The bag's design is simple but it looks like a carry on bag.  The leopard is just too much.  It's like the designer was looking at the bag then thought.... slap some leopard on it, the natural camouflage from the pattern will fool people to think this bag looks good.

They must also think if you slap something that looks like a candy bar onto the side of the bag it will maybe speak to a woman's sweet tooth and they will just look over that the bag is ugleeeeeeee

The other version of the bag can be seen here.....  
The second model of the bag is better but you know what? I think the side pockets are what bother me the most.  No one is going to put their cell phone in there.  Gross. Vomit, did I mention that this bag cost $1,800 to $ 2,400?  Double Vom. 

That is all,